10 Reasons Why SDSU Ruined My Life

1. My Instagram feed is always full.

Literally, all of my Instagram feed is filled with pictures of my friends from school at parties or on the beach. And I shouldn’t even mention the amounts of pictures I see of campus scenery, especially of Hepner Hall. I mean come on show me makeup tutorials or pictures of food, not people having the time of their lives and breath taking scenery.

2. I have a permanent tan

Every day without fail I end up adding another lay to my tan just from walking to classes. No joke, even on the few days that the sky is cloudy during the school year the sun light is able to sneak through and give everyone another dose of vitamin D. Causing layers upon layers of tan that won’t go away.



3. Everyone’s hot

With State being ranked as the most attractive student body in the US, it’s impossible to not walk around like a ‘mine seagull’ from Finding Nemo. The amount of modelesque people on campus is so intense that I end up in a constant debate of “Do I want to be with them or do I want to be them?”.


4. The amount of club choices is overwhelming

With over 300 clubs that range from major related, to cultural organizations, to leadership or recreation; it’s next to impossible to choose only a couple. So thank you SDSU for having so many clubs that I want to join that I have to cross some off my list.

5. I can’t wait to get back, when I’m on break

Whether I’m away for the weekend of the summer, I end up having a longing to go back to school. I could be on a huge adventure, discovering something new, and a part of me would think about state. The professors and friends that I look forward to sharing my experience with, a class I’m taking next semester that I’m excited for or just straight up crave a burrito from Trujillos.

6. I’m never caught up with my shows

From my perspective binge watching Netflix at state is not an option. Between classes, participating in clubs, campus events or going to the beach, there was no time to. The lifestyles of the students and professors are active and there’s never a dull moment. There were a couple of times my freshman year that I decided to stay in, but ended up getting restless and feeling hat I was majorly missing out. I eventually fell seasons behind in multiple shows and I rarely watch more than an hour anymore, so I’ve fallen out of contact with the fictional worlds I once loved dearly. *Fangirl status revoked*

7. My coffee addiction is always satisfied

With my new fast paced, active life at SDSU I became even more of a coffee lover. Every morning I woke up craving an iced hammer head to give an extra pep in my step. State definitely accommodated for that craving, with 3 different Starbucks on campus and Big City Bagel huts set through up campus. Thanks to this convenience of coffee access, I am now officially addicted.

8. I am now more environmentally conscious

SDSU’s environmental and sustainability movement rubbed off on me in a huge way. The options to compost throughout the school and their strategy to use that byproduct to grow the fruits and vegetables that are served to the students made me realize the importance of separating my trash. Now I am motivated to take an extra 30 seconds out of my already full day to split my trash into compost, recycle and waste. Come on SDSU I can’t do it all.

9. Red and black everywhere

Honestly, walking through campus you’d think there is a dress code that consists solely of SDSU apparel. One time I made the mistake of wearing a Colorado State t-shirt to class and the whole way there I got odd side glances. Someone even thought I was a high schooler on a campus tour!


10. “I believe we will win”

With the sea of red and black that covers the campus, comes intense school spirit. There are many Friday mornings that I’ve had to choose between a chemistry lecture or getting tickers to a basketball game; knowing that it was ridiculous even thinking “Oh, I’ll just get them after”. Student will line up starting at 8 in the morning for a 10 o’clock opening. Even by then the line is usually wrapped around the Viejas arena and within the blink of an eye the tickets are sold out.




Even though SDSU consumes my life and time, I wouldn’t be where I am now without it and I couldn’t choose a better school to attend.

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