10 Reasons the University of Virginia Ruined my Life

1. Always forces you to build relationships

Have you ever felt forced to make friends? Well, at UVA you have no choice but to make friends. Most people greet you with smiles and approach you even if you don’t know them. Like, who are you? The students and resident staff make it insanely difficult for you to lock yourself up in your room and binge watch Netflix for 12 hours on a weekend. “Hey want to go play basketball? Want to go get dinner?” Just stop please. The worst part is, they don’t go away. Even if you live on polar opposite sides on Grounds the year after, you’ll stay in touch. These then become lifelong friends that never go away. They’re always there.

2. The work environment is too encouraging

Remember in High School you probably didn’t study for some tests, and you still did great? UVA doesn’t allow you to do that. You’re always supposed to spend countless hours studying, and when you’re caught playing video games your friends ask “shouldn’t you be studying?! There has to be something you have to do”. People also study on Friday and Saturday nights. They even invite you to study with them! Do I look like I want to study on the weekend? How am I supposed to go to parties knowing that my friends already started studying for the chemistry exam scheduled for next week? Guess I’ll have to study then.

3. Filled me with memories

Moments not spent studying serve as a way to destress. You rarely have these types of moments at UVA. When you’re not studying, you’re working, or working out. However, when you do get that day off, you spend it with your friends making memories one day you’ll reminisce about. You know, those obnoxious things you’ll probably laugh about when you’re 35 sitting in your office. As a reader, you might be reminiscing about something as you read this. UVA floods your mind with these. Your friends ask you to come to The Lawn and throw a Frisbee, watch movies until 3am, or go get Cookout at 2am. All these moments you’ll be wanting to come back when you’re older. Such a cruel way to play with the human mind, UVA.

4. Made me discover more about myself

Did you know there’s over 500 clubs and organizations at UVA? Seriously? Such an overwhelming number that basically guarantees someone will be interested in at least one thing you are into. Way to make students feel unique. There’s no way for you to hide and realize what you like, and what you don’t like. You will probably find something you enjoy doing, and discover your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll always be trying new things, and building on your person. Again, seriously? I have to try out new things I never would’ve tried if UVA didn’t give me the option. At least you’re given the option to stay inside and never talk to anyone besides your teachers. Then again, you realize you’re probably an introvert. There’s no getting out of this!

5. Gave me the tools, but I had to look for them

In High School, you always had the luxury of teachers reminding you almost every week about the resources you had to do well in class. Well, at UVA teachers tell you once, twice if you’re lucky. Afterwards, it is up to you if you want to approach them in their office hours, or go to a councilor to check if you’re taking the correct steps towards your career in the future. Yes, you have to schedule a time to see your teachers or your councilor, by yourself. You have to do the work. Teachers don’t hunt you down anymore if you’re close to failing a class. You have to know. You, you have to do everything. Like an adult. UVA will make you do all the work.

6. Dining halls forced me to eat healthy

With just a swipe, you can get unlimited pizza, burgers, and fries. The dining halls always have the option of greasy and tasty food. However, you will start getting sick of it within the first week of going to UVA. You will start finding these dishes repulsive and you’ll start craving something different. With this mentality, you begin to eat salads and more healthy foods. These are usually the stations with the smallest lines anyways, so if you’re in a hurry you have to eat healthy. People also exercise a lot, which makes you feel like you have to do the same. Eventually, your body will just be used to healthy food, and you won’t want anything else.

7. The student body is way too welcoming

It seems as though everyone is out to get you. So many people welcome the first years as if it were their job. Many upperclassmen can’t help but giving you advice, or pointing you in the right direction. Not only that, but students at UVA are so nice that even if they do not know you, they’ll smile at you once in a while. What am I supposed to do? Should I smile back or pretend I didn’t see them? There’s also several events you can go to like The Lighting of the Lawn in which all students sing a song that they all know the lyrics to. Even you start singing it, and eventually you’ll know the lyrics without even asking anyone what they are.

8. There are opportunities for everyone

The variety of available majors at UVA leaves you no chance but to have an opportunity in the future. Several students switch majors constantly, yet everyone seems like they have their life together. Internships, jobs, research opportunities, etc. are open for everyone. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever have a dull moment in which you have nothing to do. Simply asking your professor can get you in a teaching assistant position.

9. Finding love is hard

UVA students are beautiful. It makes you question if you’ll ever find a significant other. Such gorgeous people should already be in relationships right? If they’re not, how do you even approach someone like that without making a fool out of yourself? You see that pretty girl eating by herself at the dining hall, should you just approach her and ask if you can sit with her? There’s also a chance you’ll meet someone at a social event so you probably want to reserve yourself for that moment. Either way, there’s too many good looking students for you to simply find the one.

10. Changed my life forever

Going to UVA will make you become a completely different person. You’ll become more responsible, you’ll learn how to do things on your own, you’ll make several friends, and you’ll make mistakes that you’ll laugh at in the future. You’ll look back at your high school-self and see how much you’ve grown, and much closer you’ve gotten to become an adult. Even your parents will start realizing how fast you’re growing. Those four years that you spent at UVA will be engraved in your memory, and you’ll never forget how much fun you had!

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