10 of the Coolest Classes at UCONN

Are you wondering if UCONN is right for you? Are you wondering what classes you’ll take now that you’re here? Are you procrastinating some assignment by reading blogs about classes that give other assignments? Look no further. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at UCONN!

1. AMST 1700: American Landscapes

This class can be quite vague at times, particularly with essay assignments, but it is definitely a fun course. The highlight: a TON of field trips, all free. One took us all the way to Massachusetts! During another field trip, we trekked out into the woods and sat around a pond, just so that we would have a place to concentrate on thinking. If you’re into nature and transcendentalism from the great mind of Henry David Thoreau, this is a course you must take.

2. UNIV 1784: Telling Tales: Stories of Witches in Fairy Tales

This course is not offered all the time so if you glimpse it, grab it. The professor is super chill (and brought ice cream cake to serve when everyone brought in their final projects). Most of the class consists of reading fairy tales and then presenting through creative projects. One student made a game board (that you could actually play!) and a group made a parody video of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  

3. DRAM 1501: Introduction to World Puppetry

UCONN is one of very few schools in the nation to provide Puppetry as a major. However, just because it’s not mainstream, UCONN doesn’t skimp on quality or opportunity, even for students outside the major. For all those little dilettantes out there, the drama department has a few courses that are open to all students and an intro course is perfect for a quick taste. In addition to the Ballard Institute of Puppetry, there’s also a puppetry museum where puppets are showcased.

4. ANSC 2251: Horse Science

There was always that one girl in our memory: the one obsessed with horses. Tina Belcher and friends, this course is for you. The cool thing about this course is that there’s a lot of practical work with actual, real life horses alongside the indoor theory classes. The other day, students temporarily taped the names of bones on a horse for anatomy practice.

5. ANSC 1602: Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals

This course is the reason going to an agricultural school is the bomb. You basically get to choose between a (usually baby) horse, cow, chicken, pig, or sheep and raise it to get used to being shown in a farm fair kind of thing on campus. Don’t get too attached though. My friend made the mistake of picking the sheep breed they use for food instead of wool and is not sure if she’s still around…

6. ENGL 2011: Literary Study through Reading and Research for Austen and Austeniana

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love Jane Austen and her adaptations are usually pretty brilliant. In this course, we read Austen novels (some of them are a bit dry, not going to lie) and then watch movie adaptations including, but not limited to, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Clueless, and Bridget Jones’ Diary. For all those period piece buffs, this is a super fun class.

7. PHYS 1020Q: Introductory Astronomy

This is a very light and easy but fairly interesting course. It also fills up the laboratory science general education requirement. Night observing sessions are part of the course as well, which means a lot of hands on experience with the stars and application of theory. Even though it’s a big class, the professor tries hard to be personable with all his students and holds lectures like discussions.

8. ENGL 3301: Celtic and Norse Myth and Legend

If you are a geek or video game nerd, this is a relatable course. A lot of what you read can be connected to movies like Lord of the Rings or games like Zelda. Even though the level seems high, the class is not exclusive to English majors and it’s a pretty chill course. Everyone there just really wants to learn about mythology and have fun! Don’t worry, you should be able to pass.

9. EGEN 3200: Peer Mentoring and Leadership

This course is pretty cool because it prepares and trains you to be a facilitator (kind of like a T.A.) for a First Year Experience course. A facilitator basically runs half of the FYE course for the incoming freshman. The highlight of the class is trying out different ice breakers and coming up with ones of your own so that you’ll have stuff to do with the new freshmen.

10. AIRF 1000: Air Force Studies I

If you’re interested in the armed forces at all or just want to learn something completely new, here’s a course to take. If you enjoy the class, you might be able to take a field training course later which actually involves flying jets and planes. I’m personally biased towards this class because I have family in the air force, but there’s also Military Science courses at UCONN.

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