10 of the Coolest Classes at ECU

East Caroline University is known for its football, extreme spirit, and awesome parties, but lets not forget it is a place of learning. Here are ten amazing classes that might be just as fun as the parties you are going to.

1. ANTH 1001: Aliens, Atlantis and Archaeology: Psuedoscience and Interpretations of the Past

Ever wanted to learn more about conspiracy theories while finishing one of your core requirements? Well now you can! ANTH 1001 offers an amazing first look at anthropology through the examination of popular myths that have been passed down through the ages. This class is a pretty easy A and attendance isn’t mandatory for most professors. So why not give it a try? Making up crazy cult theories can’t be that hard right?

2. HIST 2150 : Shop Til You Drop:Consumerism

Want to learn the ins and outs of why you love going to Target? Ever wondered how we got to the consumerist market we are in today? If so, then this class is right for you. Not only is it a helping hand when learning where to go on your next shopping spree, but HIST 2150 will help open your eyes to why exactly we feel the need to buy so much STUFF. Not an easy A, but definitely worth your money.

3. PSYC 3206: Developmental Psychology

Babies actually think your face disappears when you play peek-a-boo. No wonder they find it so entertaining! In this class, you will learn amazing facts about humans in all stages of life that will help you understand why others work the way they do. An easy A due to ample extra credit options, this class has no mandatory meetings allowing you to really go to lectures you are interested in. Want to learn more about teenagers? Go week 5. Interested in why your parents are such grumps? Go Week 6. Any way you go, this class is a win.

4. MUSC 1665 : Women’s Glee Club

Known to be one of the most fun classes on campus, Women’s Glee Club provides ladies with a way to express their fun and expressive spirits while also bumping up your GPA. This class allows you to create your own performance and gives you the tools to become a Glee star all on your own. Who wouldn’t want to take that class?

5. ART 1105 : Ceramics Appreciation

Ever wanted to make a vase or mug on your own? Ever wondered how people paint and glaze pottery? Well look no further, because in this class you learn the basics of ceramics and much more. While finishing one of your fine art requirements, you also get to have fun and maybe even make something worth selling. The university provides all of the materials, so why not try your hands at pottery?

6. CLAS 1500: Classical Mythology

Zeus, Athena, and Hades, some of the most recognizable names in all of history. In this class, you will get to take an in depth look at ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Experience what it was like to be a Spartan and learn just why they had such cruel and violent traditions. Learn how the gods experienced sex appeal and how Hera got back at every single mistress her husband ever had. A class all about ridiculous family drama. Why not?

7. ENGL 3480: Science Fiction

One of the most popular and exciting genres to ever exist even has its own class! Read books about aliens, immortality, monsters, and time travel. Experience worlds that are yet to exist with one of the most amazing professors at ECU. This class isn’t an easy A but it is definitely one of the coolest classes on campus.

8. DNCE 2200: Creative Dance and Drama for the Elementary School

If you love kids, having a good time, and dressing up in silly costumes then this is the class for you. DNCE 2200 is an amazing class with a service-learning component that allows you to go to close by elementary schools and help them preform and execute plays. This class is a fun and easy A where you get to interact with the community and create your own theater production.

9. SOCI 3326 : LGBT Identity, Society, and Politics

If you have any interest in the upcoming social revolution involving sexual orientation and gender identity, then this is a class for you. This class looks at how and why the LGBT rights movement started, reactions from people all around the world, and where current policies are headed. With the polar political climate today, who doesn’t want to be informed on this debatable issue?

10. MRCH 2239: Fashion and Culture

Whether you wear sweats and a t-shirt or a Louis Vuitton scarf to this class, you are sure to learn some interesting things about how we see ourselves and what we wear. This class looks at fashion around the world and allows you to see just how far we have come from fashion of the past. With an excitable and interesting professor, this class is sure to capture your interest. Have fun and WORK IT!


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