10 Fun Facts about Temple University (Part 1)

1. Located Close to the City

Temple University is just a few subway stops away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city. Temple is close enough to the city to gain internships and jobs while studying here. Temple contribute to 65,000 volunteer hours in Philadelphia every year.

2. Why Owls?

Temple got there mascot Owls because founder, Russell Conwell, started teaching students at night because of their work schedules. These students got the name “night owls” which is why Temple took the mascot of the Owl.

3. Beury Beach

With being in the city, Temple does not have a lot of grass except for at Beury. You will not see the grass once the weather gets warmer!

4. Notable Temple Alumni

Temple has many notable alumni such as Bob Saget from Full House and Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory.

5. We were in the Super Bowl

Temple Grad Brandon McManus played in the Superbowl this year as kicker of the Denver Broncos.

6. Our Hospital

Temple has there own Hospital which delivers 3,000 babies each year.

7. Temple Alumni around the world

Temple University has 300,000 living alumni in all 50 states and 145 countries

8. Movie and TV Famous

Some scenes from Creed, the new Rocky Movie, was filmed on campus. Scenes from an episode of Friday Night Lights  were filmed on campus also.

9. President’s coming to Temple

Four presidents have visited Temple University: FDR, Truman, LBJ, and Carter.

10. Campuses around the world

Temple has seven campuses in Philadelphia, Ambler, Fort Washington, Harrisburg, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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